Graduate Courses

CSE-592: Convex Optimization (A)
CSE-537: Artificial Intelligence (A)
CSE-512: Machine Learning (A)

CSE-527: Computer Vision (A)
CSE-615: Advanced Computer Vision (A)
CSE-528: Computer Graphics (A-)

CSE-548: Analysis of Algorithms (A)
CSE-526: Principles of Programming Languages (A-)

Teaching Assistant for

CSE-114: Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming (Spring 2015)
CSE-130: Introduction to Programming in C (Fall 2014)
CSE-214: Computer Science II (Fall 2014)


 TOEFL   110/120    Reading: 29; Listening: 30; Speaking: 23; Writing: 28 
  GRE   327+4.0    V: 158/170 (78%); Q: 169/170 (97%); AW: 4.0/6 (54%) 

Undergrad Courses